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Buck Bones Organics Partners with Mossy Oak to Launch All-Natural Dog Chews

Buck Bones dog chews

Mossy Oak is proud to announce its partnership with Buck Bone Organics.  Buck Bone Organics is a fast-growing company taking the dog world by storm with their all-natural dog chew antlers offered in Mossy Oak Break-Up Country packaging.

Each season, the people of Buck Bone Organics hand pick the freshest and finest sheds from the Rocky Mountains, guaranteeing their antlers are a Domestic USA product with Grade A Quality. They are handcrafted—cut, sanded, and wrapped with love.  The antlers are full of nutrition with no growth hormones, antibiotics, or preservatives, providing an excellent source of calcium, phosphorus, and protein for your dog, satisfying their need to chew! 

Buck Bone Organics offers a variety of sizes ranging from Small to X-Large with two different cuts, “Whole” or “Split.” Typically, Whole antlers will last longer and will be a harder chew than our Split Buck Bones. The Split antlers have exposed marrow, making a softer chew and are recommended for dogs that have less aggressive chewing habits. 

“Partnering with Mossy Oak has been our most exciting addition to Buck Bones, as we have always been a Mossy Oak family,” said Mark Steigleman, COO of Buck Bone Organics.  “Buck Bone Organics is more than a business for us. It represents our love of art, animals and the outdoors.  With every antler found, it provides a blank canvas for us to create a piece of our heart  to share with the world. Be it the finest quality chews for a furry friend or creating pieces of antler art, Buck Bones is not just a company selling dog chews, it is a passion and dream lifestyle for the Steigleman family.” 

Currently, the products in the Mossy Oak packaging can be purchased online at  

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