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The Writing Huntress Lisa Jane Discusses Mossy Oak Camouflage and Women’s Hunting Apparel


When I first began hunting, I quickly realized how difficult finding good women’s camo was. Shopping for appropriate gear was my biggest hunting chore. Often I ended-up in the children’s department, silently thanking God for making me the height of a 10-year old. My other issue was finding any gear that wasn’t pink. I don’t have a problem with the color, of course, but for hunting, I prefer not having to exclaim to the world: I AM WOMAN HUNTER; I WEAR PINK. Any time I’d shop with my husband, he’d buy regular camo, so I never understood why female gear had to be covered in pink.

LisaJane2_llI began blogging, and my first year’s posts mainly told about the trials of becoming a huntress, especially with respect to outdoor gear. One day, I came across the Outdoor Blogger Network. I became an active member within the community quickly after. A short while later, the OBN was having a Haley Vines turkey-hunting gear contest. I threw my name in and won, which was a big deal because I literally never had won anything. I also love receiving mail more than just about anything in the world.

I chose to receive the Haley Vines all-terrain rain pant and jacket in Mossy Oak Duck Blind. To this day, that’s still my go-to gear, simply because it actually fits my extremely-short frame and keeps me dry on every single hunt. After years of wearing, the gear is still void of holes, rips and fading. Even when it’s a -20-degree duck hunt, I load-up three layers of long underwear and wear my Haley Vines clothing on the outside. Mossy Oak Duck Blind has kept me concealed through my first duck kill to my first archery buck and everything in-between. These days, companies have come a long way in terms of women’s outdoor gear. My personal new favorite is Girls With Guns, simply because they make extremely-fashionable gear that functions perfectly afield. 

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