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Electrify Your Hunting Transportation

Bob McNally |  February 08, 2010


I first heard about using golf carts for getting around deer country in north Florida and Georgia. A few years later I hunted out of my first battery-operated golf cart with my good friend Dan Moultrie, owner of Moultrie Feeders, at his farm in central Alabama. 

"Best thing I've ever had for hunting," he said smiling, knowing what I was thinking. "They're silent, fast, powerful, and I can load a lot more people and gear in a golf cart than I can in an ATV---and they cost about half as much!" 

As years passed I kept meeting more sportsmen who were very pleased with their hunting-modified golf carts, and that's when I decided to get one. 

I chose a used cart, for low price. The key to a good buy on a used cart was getting one with almost-new batteries. Most carts have a bank of oversize 6-volt (yes, 6-volt, not 12-volt) batteries, and they are expensive. A full bank of new ones run about $500, so when checking on a used cart, get one with batteries less than a year old. Cost for my base cart with batteries about one year old, was $2,000, which included a heavy-duty battery charger. 

I made a few simple modifications on my golf cart. I got oversize tires. I had golf bag racks on the rear of the cart removed and installed a heavy-duty metal frame cargo carrier. I also gave my cart a true "lift," raising the chassis a full 4-inches higher than standard for more woods clearance. I also disconnected the cart back-up "beep," which is a common safety feature on most golfer carts. My hunting cart does not have headlights or taillights, but they can be added for about $150. 

Thus far my cart is everything and more I wanted for a fast, quiet, hunting vehicle. I'm still amazed at how powerful a golf cart is climbing large hills and toting a remarkable amount of hunting gear and people. Maintenance is easy and inexpensive. Just keep the batteries filled with water and charge when needed. 

While there are still some things a gas-powered ATV can do that a modified golf cart can't, for much of my hunting a silent, electric golf cart is the way to go. 

In the Photo: Specially-rigged hunting golf carts, like the HuntVe GameKeeper, are among the best and newest way to get around outdoors.

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