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Mossy Oak Elements Terra is Now Available on HECS StealthScreen Apparel

Mossy Oak Elements Terra HECS StealthscreenMossy Oak is proud to announce its newest pattern, Elements Terra is now available on the extremely popular full hunting suit from HECS.

HECS is the producer of the revolutionary patented HECS StealthScreen technology. Embedded within the new apparel, featuring Mossy Oak Elements Terra, this innovative technology blocks the naturally occurring electrical fields emitted by the human body, helping hunters get closer to wildlife, without being noticed.

HECS President Mike Slinkard stated, “We are excited to offer our customers the latest most innovative camo pattern on the planet. The new Mossy Oak Elements Terra pattern coupled with our patented HECS Stealthscreen™ technology will be the ultimate in concealment for years to come. This new combination will not only block the electrical field animals use to tell living beings from inanimate objects but also utilize the most advanced optical concealment pattern available! The end result is closer and more relaxed encounters with wildlife, creating much better odds for success in the field.”

HECS Mossy Oak Elements Terra products are sold consumer direct at and through the HECS store on Amazon. The retail price for the full suit (includes shirt, pants and head cover) is $179.99 but customers can use promo code, “terra” at checkout to receive $30 off and free shipping.

“At Mossy Oak, we believe that Mother Nature is the only true camouflage designer and that’s where we have always found our inspiration,” said Chris Paradise, Senior Vice President and Chief Sales Officer of Mossy Oak.  “In 2017, we launched the revolutionary Elements family of patterns, developed from the most basic elements: water, earth and air. We’re proud to introduce the latest member of the Elements family: Elements Terra.  Using the absolute leading-edge three-dimensional modeling technology, we can literally recreate the unique topographical features of the earth to generate the most unique camo designs ever introduced. True to our roots, this isn’t some bandwagon, digital pattern…it’s all-natural.”

Find the Mossy Oak designs and more at

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