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What Tree is Best?


Never before has land management shimmered in the limelight like it does today. With every hour that ticks by new land managers, those who’ve finally found their slice of outdoor heaven, begin a new journey. Here to help those who have been grooming their property for years and those just starting to manage is Mossy Oak Nativ Nurseries.

Planting trees is a huge investment and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Before jotting down your tree wish list, whether it is trees that bear fruit or simply those designed to improve wildlife habitat, there are some things you should do. Luckily, Nativ Nurseries has you covered. Simply visit Nativ Nurseries at and click on the white-colored My Land-What Do I Plant? lettering at the top of the page adjacent the site’s search engine. This will direct you to a soil sample information sheet and submittal form. Aside from filling out your personal information, this form will ask you to select the type or types of trees you want on your property. In addition, it will also ask for planting site details. At the bottom of the form it will walk you through the steps of what tools to use and how to collect a soil sample for submittal to the BioLogic Labs. That’s right, for only $7.50 you can have the peace of mind in knowing exactly which trees will grow best on your properties. After all, the long term goal is to have a farm rife with healthy trees, not throngs of dilapidated twigs that never produced.

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