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The Time’s Not Too Late to Plant to Increase the Wildlife You Hunt and Manage


Many areas of the South had torrential rains this past spring that prevented land-management planners from planting soybeans, peas and Lablab in green fields for fall food plots. However, if you start right now, you’re not too late to get those crops planted - if your area still can get 90 days’ worth of warm weather. Summer food plots often help with packing on weight and growing antlers for bucks, especially for early season hunting.

Although I’ve provided plenty of general information about what to plant and what to do to improve habitat food for wildlife right now, just as no shoe fits every foot, there’s no such thing as a wildlife-management program that’s best for all sections of the country for the same time of year. With research and the development of wildlife plantings for various soil types and different regions of the nation, Mossy Oak BioLogic has developed and continues to develop more and better food for wildlife all year long and throughout the United States, based on geological conditions, soil type, weather patterns and soil fertility.

AustinD5_llTo stay right on top of all the latest improvements in wildlife management and newer and better products being brought to the market by BioLogic, join the Gamekeepers Club. You’ll receive a magazine, discounts on products, information on seeds and preparing food plots, learn how and when to plant, how to build, fertilize and produce trophy fishing ponds and bass lakes and other information on how to have more waterfowl and other types of wildlife on your lands. Regardless of what your interest areas are, if you want to have more and better wildlife on the properties you own and hunt, you’ll enjoy the Gamekeepers Club. You also can learn about how and where to take soil tests, and what type of terrain and soil conditions are best for creating green fields, and why these areas are best for creating green fields. Another website to look for new products, wildlife management information and specifically what types of plantings to consider is Mossy Oak BioLogic for different seasons and kinds of soils and weather conditions. 

Too, look at Mossy Oak Nativ Nurseries to consider the types of trees and shrubs to plant this fall. We call annuals plantings that can be planted every year. Other plantings called perennials can be planted once and provide food for wildlife for several years. The plants available at Mossy Oak Nativ Nurseries, if properly cared for, can provide food for wildlife for many years. Of course the best overall wildlife-management program includes annual plantings, perennial plantings and fruit and nut trees and shrubs plantings, so the wildlife has an abundance of food wildlife can feed on all year long. To produce more wildlife and better trophy wildlife requires time, money and an overall game plan. The Mossy Oaks Gamekeepers program can bring you knowledge to help you achieve wildlife goals for the property you own and hunt, not only now, but for well into the future.

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