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Plenty of Opportunities for Buyers and Sellers as Land Values Increase


Land is perhaps the most highly sought after commodity, and land sales experts have continued to expand their knowledge and specialization in specific types of property. As a result, not only do prospective buyers have more options when it comes to selecting a tract of land that fits their needs, but brokers themselves are ideally suited to ensure these buyers are getting the most out of their purchases.

As the land sales industry differentiates itself from the traditional real estate market, it's easier for buyers and sellers to receive the kind of guidance they need. For instance, Mossy Oak Properties has a network of hundreds of certified land specialists who are experts on every type of land one could want, such as timber, ag or recreational. And with recent data from the Federal Housing Finance Agency noting the combined value of land in the contiguous U.S. states reaching $23 trillion, there's a huge market out there for buyers and sellers to capitalize on. 

The strength of the land market can also be seen in the level of job growth in the agriculture sector. Every year the number of jobs available in ag outpaces the graduates who can fill the positions, according to a report from Purdue University and the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Over the next five years, nearly 60,000 ag jobs will be created annually.

Working with the best
At the end of the day, there is only a finite amount of acres available in the U.S. That means, finding a property for the right price in the region one wishes to purchase can be difficult at times. Plus, depending on market conditions, getting a solid return on investment from a land transaction might be hard to come by. However, with tax breaks, self-directed IRA funding options and positive economic well-being, the time to make a move in the market may be now.

The key is to have an agent who is capable of handling all of the behind-the-scenes work and processing the sale from start to finish. Look no further than Mossy Oak Properties.

A new ranking from the summer issue of The Land Report showed several MOP brands appearing at the top the magazine's "Best Brokerages" issue.

Because MOP has a national reach combined with regional expertise, buyers and sellers are granted the confidence to pursue the transactions and investments they want to make.

To take advantage of today's market, contact an MOP representative today.

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