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Now is a great time to create new food plots for this coming planting season. Whether you’re in the big timber and need a dozer to take care of things or whether you have natural openings to deal with and need to remove other type of debris, where there’s a will there’s a way. Creating new food plots in new areas by using topographical and aerial maps can greatly improve hunting success as well as providing more groceries for your herd. Remember when clearing the land to remove as much soil from tree roots before windrowing and burning, conserving topsoil is vital to ensure plot success.

2013.4.02aIf you don’t have the budget for a dozer, one person and a chainsaw can actually do quite a lot. This site can help you choose the right chainsaw for the job. You don’t have to remove every tree out of a plot. Sometimes a manager may have a good producing mast crop or fruit tree they may want to leave, or in cases of very well-drained soils they may leave a tree or two to provide some shade. Most food plot forages do not require full-sun and a tree to provide shade can help to conserve topsoil moisture, which is the most important determinant for success. 

Do you do anything to enhance antler growth on your bucks? Minerals play a big role in a whitetail’s health, body dimensions, and antler size, and BioLogic’s BioRock delivers a readily available mix of over 50 all-natural minerals, including those vital to antler growth and overall health like calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and sulfur

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