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Make a Mossy Oak Pumpkin

One of our favorite things about this time of year is all the cool, carved pumpkins sent to us featuring Mossy Oak or with an outdoors theme. We want to see them again this year, so we've provided a few stencils that you can print out and use for carving your pumpkins. Be sure to send us pictures on Facebook or Twitter. We'll share our favorites! If you don't "Like" or follow us yet, please do! We have some fun stuff in store for the hunting and holiday season. Happy Fall, y'all!






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Parrish Elliott Believes You Never Can Know Everything - Even about Small Hunting Properties
Besides minerals, I think the abundance of white oak acorns and red oak acorns and keeping hunting pressure to a minimum were the reasons we attracted and held older-age-class bucks on this 220 acres. The other advantage we have is we know the wind direction we’ll have on each stand before we hunt there. We won’t hunt from a stand when the wind is wrong. We have certain bedding areas on this property that we

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