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How To Get Rid of Dog Odors and Pests

Bill Gibson is the Kennel Master for Mossy Oak GameKeeper Kennels. In these videos, he provides tips and advice for dog odors and general hygiene to help keep your dog clean and healthy.

Best Way to Eliminate Dog Odors



Sometimes dogs just stink and leave stains behind. Control these odors with a specially formulated odor eliminator and neutralizer like Nilodor's spray and one drop formulas. These products use a natural enzyme-producing process and essential oil odor neutralizing power to combat the toughest stains and odors caused by pets and their environments. And with one drop, you can remove bad odors from the air by chemically modifying the structure of the odor molecule so you can't detect it! 

Best Dog Bathing Products



The basic supplies you need to wash your dog will be a tub and/or a hose with a good sprinkler head. You'll need a lead to keep the dog from running off. Sporting Dog Shampoo from Nilodor is a great cleaning product for your dog. Just squirt the shampoo in a line down the dog's back. Be sure to reach all areas of the dog and rinse and dry thoroughly. 

Cleaning a Skunk Sprayed Dog



Skunk is foul odor that is hard to remove. You'll need an extreme odor dog shampoo for these tough odors. You want to wash your dog really well and as many times as necessary. With an extreme odor wash, you won't have to repeat the process as often as with regular dog wash. Make sure you rinse and dry your dog well. There is also a dog spray you can use to help with the odor in between washes. These products are mild, non-irritating surfactant blends that work with a powerful formula of essential oils to wash and neutralize foul odors. Plus, it’s recommended by pet professionals and outdoor enthusiasts whose pets have been skunked or have rolled in something undesirable.

Insect Prevention for Your Dog



You have to have really good products that repel the pesky bugs that bother your dog. Citronella Dog Shampoo  works great, and you can get this from Mossy Oak by Nilodor. They also offer a Citronella Spray. The ingredients in these products are natural and gentle for your pet.

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