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The Gerber Vital Pocket Folder and Vital Zip

by Karl Badger | Western States Regional ProStaff Manager


This past hunting season, I had the chance of using the new Gerber, Vital Pocket Folder and Vital Zip tools.  

Gerber is a Mossy Oak Partner and has been making knives and tools for almost 70 years. The design and craftsmanship of these Vital tools reflects decades of craftsmanship and commitment to hunters.

A hunter’s choice of field dressing tools is extremely important, especially on wilderness hunts where you'll be required to quarter, skin, cape and debone, before packing a critter back to trailhead. 

Gerber_llWhen selecting tools for proper field care of your trophy and meat, a hunter should consider the strength and sharpness of the blade as well as the ergonomic design. Another consideration is how comfortable it is in your hand for at least an hour of awkward work, cutting through hide, fat and tissue.  Also, is the handle made of a material that allows you to maintain your grip when things get a little slippery?

The Vital Pocket Folder Knife is a surgical, replaceable blade with a high-visual orange rubber handle. At first glance, it looks like a surgeon’s scalpel and would not be up to the task of working on big game animals, but I found this knife to be very functional for working on elk and mule deer. It cut easily through hide and tissue without breaking or buckling.

Nothing adds to the speed and ease of field dressing than maintaining a sharp blade. The knife requires no extra tools when replacing a blade. In fact it can be done bare handed with simply the push of a button. It is very well designed and very safe.

Each knife comes with six #60 blades. Extras can be purchased separately. 

The Vital Zip is a unique tool that provides fast and easy access to your critter without puncturing the stomach, intestines or bladder.

One of my favorite features of the Zip is the design of the handle.  The tool slides easily onto the fingers and comes to rest inside your palm for a confident grip, which is very important when making your first cuts. 

Just like the Pocket Folder Knife, replacement blades are available.

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