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The Double Barrel Loader: Your New Insurance Policy

Provided by Brian Stephens |


The hunting industry is growing year after year with more products available for us as hunters. Each year I come across a few products that truly help me be more productive in the field. I call these products “game changers,” because they are unique and designed to help the hunter harvest more animals.  The Double Barrel Arrow Loader is one of those “game changers” that I will be using year round on my bow.

As the name states, the Double Barrel Arrow Loader attaches to your bow and allows you to hold a second arrow in a position that will minimize the time and motion required to load and fire that arrow. The Double Barrel Arrow Loader is a single arrow quiver that is mounted in a horizontal position on the business side of the bow.  

Honestly, the first time I looked at this product, I wasn’t sure if I would really have a use for it. But the more I played with it once it was attached to my bow, the more I realized how much the product will help me in the field. 

There is really no other product on the market that does what the Double Barrel Loader does. The Double Barrel Loader is made from strong, lightweight materials with no moving parts contributing to unwanted sounds or vibrations on your bow.  It has a universal design allowing both right handed and left handed bowhunters to use this product.  The Double Barrel Loader is also fully adjustable to fit your particular bow set up and can be installed in minutes.  

There is little effort required to reload your arrow.  Once you shoot your first arrow, simply grab the string and with your thumb grab the nock in the Double Barrel Loader, moving it into position on the string. To finish loading, use your fingers to move the remaining part of the arrow off the loader and onto your rest.  (There are some instruction videos available to view via their website at  It is that simple!

ArrowLoader_llLet’s think about some scenarios that make this a “game changer” product for your bow.  The first thing that comes to mind is turkey season.  Because we only bowhunt turkeys, we will occasionally miss a bird. Up to this point, I would always have a second arrow next to me ready to go, but it took too much time to reach down, get the arrow and then nock it.  If I would have had the ability to load another arrow instantly with little to no movement, I may have gotten another shot on a few birds I missed this spring.  

We will also be using the Double Barrel Loader when hunting hogs this summer down in Florida.  Many times when you shoot one hog with a bow, a few other hogs will only run off a few yards.  The Double Barrel Loader will allow us to get another shot on a pig that is still in range. 

I then started to think about the upcoming whitetail season and how we could hunt with the Double Barrel Loader in tree stands and ground blinds.  It really would be a great insurance policy.  Yes, many times when you miss a buck, he is gone. Sometimes, though, you can get a second shot.  Unfortunately, the time and movement required to get an arrow out of the quiver and notched usually results in the deer leaving.  

Overall, the Double Barrel loader is a great addition to any bow set up.  It does not add a lot of extra weight nor impede on my accuracy by having it attached.  It is lightweight and has no moving parts resulting in unwanted noise.  Who would not want to have an arrow available to quickly nock and shoot? 

Minimizing movement and time (even if you have a quiver on your bow) is the key to a second shot. It doesn’t matter if you hunt for a TV show or just love to bowhunt, getting that second shot could save your hunt and all the time invested on that deer or animal. To learn more about the Double Barrel Loader visit

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