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The Best New Turkey Hunting Gear from the 2024 NWTF Convention

Jessi Cole

The 2024 NWTF Convention broke attendance records; it was pretty packed all three days. The amount of booths at the show felt infinite, and there were a lot of products and brands to wade through.

I've taken the liberty of giving you the highlights, like you were there at the show, too. These are some of the most talked about products, booths, and products-not-yet-released that were introduced at the show.

A Quick Rundown of the Best Booths and New Products from the 2024 NWTF Convention

Ol' Tom Time & Motion™ Gunslinger Turkey Vest

turkey vest

I was super impressed by this vest from Ol' Tom. I even bought one for myself--pretty much the only thing I bought the whole show (except for a Pileated Woodpecker call.) The lightweight rubber straps are nice and the pockets aren't too convoluted. Just easy access in the woods.

HEVI-18 20 Gauge 7 Shot Size

hevi shot

This Hevi-Shot Magnum Blend was a popular grab, and their employees were quick to explain how it works and why its the right choice for you. 

Mossy Oak Companions Booth


Maybe I'm biased, but the Mossy Oak Companions booth was a huge hit. The new spring/summer collection for Companions debuted here and clothes were flying off the shelf (and I know, I was helping check those people out!) The entrance to the booth featured old school VHS tapes, books, pictures, taxidermy, and even an old Billy the Bass. 

Special shoutout to the new Mossy Oak Kids section, too, parents were really excited to outfit their kids in their own hunting outfits. 

Country Outdoors

country outdoors

Zach and Mary at Country Outdoors know how to make things fun. Their booth was a great hangout; their infamous golden retriever Forest Gump greeted just about every visitor. They had live music all day in their section, live music from local Nashville stars and burgeoning talent. 

Indian Creek Chokes: Black Diamond Strike Turkey Choke Tube

choke tubes

These chokes from Indian Creek were also a popular show item; plenty of folks from the show are probably installing their new chokes from Indian Creek now.

Irish Setter Vapr Trek 3.0 in Mossy Oak Country Roots

Irish setter boots

The new and improved version of their Vapr Trek boots are arriving this fall, now offered in Mossy Oak Country Roots pattern. These were lightweight and looked hardy enough to serve as serious hunting boots.

Browning A5 Hunter in 20 Gauge

browning gun

This Browning A-5 Hunter was Browning's most popular gun of the show, they said. It's clean and classic, and as a Browning product, you're guaranteed good quality.

Ol' Tom Turkey Chest Pack

chest pack

Another item from Ol' Tom--this chest pack was Jason Hart's favorite item of the show. He thought it was designed excellently. (and the Greenleaf looks awesome, too.)

Mossberg 500 Super Bantam Turkey Holosun Combo in 20 GA

mossberg guns

This collection of Mossberg Shotguns, like the 835 Turkey Holosun Combo in 12 ga, the 500 Turkey Holoson Combo in .410 Bore, and the 940 Pro Turkey Holosun Combo in 12 ga, were incredibly impressive. My favorite was the 500 Super Bantam Turkey Holosun Combo in 20 ga. Folks were constantly picking it up, too.

Trophyline Hyper Lite

hyper lite

The new climber from Trophyline, called Hyper Lite, will be available this summer, and is lighter (36 ounces,) stronger, quieter, and more compact than before. It is made from a new material they've termed "Magnite" which is incredibly light and strong. This was definitely a popular item at this year's show.

Retay Shotguns in Shadowleaf


Retay will offer the first turkey guns patterned in Mossy Oak's Shadowleaf. They reported that they'd received tons of positive feedback from consumers, and these guns will be available soon. They will all be available in 20 and 12 ga, and all come with an optics railing. The 20 ga Gordion is anticipated to be the most popular.


turtle box

The Turtlebox booth was a fun spot; any booth that had a dog always got a gold star from me, anyway. The loud and waterproof speakers have really blown up this year. I obviously prefer the Bottomland one. It looks incredible.

Tetra Hearing


Tetra, like last year, conducted hearing tests in their booth for free. This was pretty eye opening for a lot of turkey hunters that are testing way out of their age bracket in hearing.

Woodhaven Calls

wood haven

Some of the most popular and new calls in the large, corner Woodhaven Calls booth were the Mike Pentacost's Mouth Call Pack and the Ninja Finisher.

William Lester Trumpet Calls

William lester

William Lester makes spectacular custom trumpet calls, and he can make them seem easy to learn. His little corner of NWTF was fun to visit and always educational.

Rolling Thunder's Leather Goods

leather goods

Rolling Thunder is known for their excellent calls, and the BSOD call had a hype this year all of its own. But the new leather products they're offering are really nice. The leather was a great soft leather and was offered for mouth call lanyards, dog collars, and more.

Native Thunder Outfitters

native outfitters

These guys had to get a shoutout because of their awesome booth covered in Greenleaf. They're offering 3-day hunts for Kansas Rios for $2,300. Check them out!


We're looking forward to seeing the new and popular products for next year's show. Happy turkey season, everyone, and good luck out there.

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