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Outdoor Edge: Fish & Bone Knife


Provided By: Brian Stephens, Co-Host of Ultimate Bowhunting TV

Bowhunting is our passion, but our team loves to get in the water to spearfish, bowfish and just fish on Saturday afternoon with our kids. I am sure many of you that are hunters also love to do some kind of fishing.  When the fishing is done and it’s time to clean, what knife do you use? I have used a variety of knives that have worked okay. I recently tried the Mossy Oak Outdoor Edge Fish & Bone knife and was really impressed.

OE_Fishbone_llWhat I have learned over the years is a knife that is a flexible boning/fillet knife is very effective for butchering game. The Fish & Bone knife features a flexible razor sharp 440-A stainless steel blade for maintaining a superior edge. Similar to other Outdoor Edge knives’ handles, the Fish & Bone has non-slip Kraton inserts with the Trimond texture pattern. This helps to ensure the handle does not slip, even when wet. If you’re butchering game or filleting fish, you are typically washing your hands and cleaning the knife. It is going to get wet. This unique handle helps to ensure you are safe and cutting right where you want to cut.

I am not the best at filleting fish, but I can get the job done. What I like about the Fish & Bone knife is the fact that the blade is not too long, so it will help to minimize my mistakes. The blade is flexible and will allow you to work around bone and skin. I also like the fact that the knife folds up, so it is easier to carry. It’s sleek, low profile design makes it easy to carry or store. The Fish & Bone knife also incorporates a clothing clip to carry the knife inside your pocket.  

I will be down in the Florida Keys in June spearfishing and bowfishing.  I am looking forward to using the Fish & Bone knife while I am down there.  We will be chasing Mahi Mahi, Red Snapper, Cobia, Sharks and much more.  So, this knife will get tested on some tough fish!  

The Fish & Bone knife comes with a Mossy Oak Cordura nylon belt sheath and has a lifetime guarantee.  Again, I was really impressed with this knife and think it is a great knife for anyone who will be butchering game or filleting some fish this summer. For more information on the Mossy Oak Fish & Bone knife go to

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