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Mossy Oak x Mathews Collaborate for Bottomland Mathews Bow

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Mathews Archery and Mossy Oak to Partner on the 2024 Bottomland Mathews LIFT

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Mathews and Mossy Oak have partnered to bring to life a new Bottomland bow; Mathews 2024 flagship bow, the LIFT, will feature the timeless Mossy Oak Bottomland camouflage pattern.

The LIFT is the first of a new generation of hunting bows from the iconic archery brand. Their annual flagship bow typically focuses on one area of improvement from the previous year: a faster bow, a lighter bow, a more efficient bow. This year, however, they “focused on all parts of the bow—rebuilding it from the ground up. We have new limbs, new limb cups, a new axel system, new risers, even down to the strings, we’ve pretty much revamped everything. It’s all working in unison to make one bow that’s lighter, faster, quieter,” says Mathews Marketing Specialist Ben Statly.

The game-changing bow will be offered in Mossy Oak’s iconic Original Bottomland camouflage pattern. The collaboration between the storied brands is a first, one that was, according to Statly, a collaboration that Mathews customers have been asking for for years.

Statly says, “We had people reaching out through social media, through customer service and other outlets, for years. ‘We need a Bottomland bow,’ they’d say.”

Mathews and Mossy Oak are both pillars in the outdoor industry; Mossy Oak began in 1986 and Mathews began in 1992. Toxey Haas grew his brand out of a fistful of dirt and leaves and a dream to get closer to springtime turkeys; Matt McPhersen began his company out of an old autoshop in which he continued to perfect the expert engineering found in Mathews bows today.

On the partnership, Mossy Oak’s Toxey Haas says, “Since the early days of Mossy Oak, some of the most passionate bow hunters in the country have sat in a tree with Bottomland on their backs and a Mathews in hand. We’ve spent a lifetime looking after and pursuing the critters we love and passing on these traditions to those who come after us. As two family owned, small town companies, our values as gamekeepers and woodsmen have always aligned, and we’re very proud to bring a partnership to life with a Bottomland Mathews bow.”

Brad Treu, Mathews’ Vice President of Sales and Marketing, says, “We are excited to partner with Mossy Oak to offer their iconic Bottomland pattern on our 2024 Lift hunting bow. Mossy Oak’s history and tradition in the outdoors is second to none and we are proud to collaborate with them for years to come.”

The collaboration between the two has been a long time coming; the excitement around the Bottomland LIFT is contagious. Beginning November 14, the LIFT will be available at bow shops around the country. It won’t be long after that that the first Bottomland LIFTs will be taken into the fall woods, ready perform on a deer of a lifetime.

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