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HEYDUDE Collaborates with Mossy Oak

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The fastest-growing casual footwear brand in the United States quick-growing casual footwear company HEYDUDE has partnered with leading outdoor brand Mossy Oak to release a new line of shoes that combine comfort and style with the iconic Mossy Oak Bottomland camo pattern. The collaboration is set to launch on June 1 and will be available for purchase on and in select retail locations.

The HEYDUDE x Mossy Oak collection features a variety of comfortable shoes that are perfect for outdoor enthusiasts and casual wearers alike. The collection includes HEYDUDE's signature Wally and Wally Funk, as well as youth and toddler sizes. For more information about the collection, visit on June 1.

Mossy Oak Bottomland is one of the most popular camo patterns in the hunting and outdoor industry, known for its ability to blend in seamlessly with a variety of natural environments. The pattern has been a favorite of hunters and outdoor enthusiasts for over 30 years and is recognized around the world for its effectiveness.

"We're excited to partner with HEYDUDE to offer a new line of shoes that feature our iconic Bottomland pattern," said Chris Paradise, Senior Vice President and Chief Sales Officer of Mossy Oak. "This collaboration allows us to expand our reach and offer our customers a new way to show off their love of the outdoors."

“We’re thrilled for this launch as HEYDUDE x Mossy Oak marks our first-ever brand collaboration. Pairing the iconic Bottomland pattern with our simple, light-weight design, creates products that will excite the passionate consumers of both brands and integrate seamlessly into their lifestyles,” said Kelly Cortina, SVP, Chief Product and Merchandising Officer, HEYDUDE.

“We’re thrilled for this launch as HEYDUDE x Mossy Oak marks our first-ever brand collaboration. The Bottomland pattern is iconic and pairing it with our simple, light-weight design provides consumers with a variety of wearing occasions,” said Kelly Cortina, Chief Product and Merchandising Officer, HEYDUDE.


HEYDUDE is one of the fastest growing footwear brands in the US. While still a relatively young company, we’re quickly becoming a leader in the casual footwear space and with the recent acquisition under the Crocs umbrella, HEYDUDE intends to grow even faster.

HEYDUDE™ designs comfortable, versatile and accessible footwear and accessories. Founded in Italy in 2008, HEYDUDE puts tireless attention to detail and a passion for impeccable craftsmanship into every pair of HEYDUDE shoes. HEYDUDE believes its innovative, ultra-light comfort and casual yet versatile style are a winning combination. Please visit or follow @heydudeshoes on Facebook and Instagram, and @heydudeshoesUSA on Twitter.

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