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Gear Spotlight: Predator Gear Drysuit

Provided by Brian Stephens | 


Duck hunters across the country are putting out their favorite decoys hours before daylight with great anticipation of seeing and hearing those first few birds coming in.  A new piece of gear by Predator Gear could change the way you duck hunt. The Predator Gear Drysuit is the first and only drysuit ever made for hunting. 

The Predator Gear suit is a one-piece outerwear garment designed to increase your comfort and safety in the most challenging hunting conditions. The Predator Gear Drysuit’s revolutionary design uses a neoprene neck seal and latex wrist seals combined with completely waterproof zippers to keep water out.  These zippers are extremely durable and constructed to seal the drysuit from any incoming water.  

PredatorGear_llThe Predator Gear Drysuit is made from a 4-layer waterproof/breathable laminate making it easy to move around and hunt in a variety of locations.  I was very surprised just how easy it was to move from one side of the pond to the other to better position myself for incoming ducks on a recent duck hunt.  When hunting in the water, you sometimes may not know where deep holes are located.  With waders you are limited to a certain depth before you get wet and cold.  The drysuit gives you that added protection and security to expand your movement and hunting scenarios.

The Predator Gear suit has a built-in recoil pad on the shoulder providing extra cushion for those long days in the duck blind shooting.  This suit also has Cordura reinforcements in those high wear areas ensuring you continue to be dry in the most extreme conditions.  The suit comes with a built-in relief zipper, so you do not have to take the suit off to go to the bathroom.

What’s unique about the Predator Gear Drysuit is when you wear it properly and it is maintained, only your hands, neck and head can get wet, even when you are swimming.  This provides you with much more security and versatility over traditional waders.  This is especially helpful in extreme cold weather and water conditions.  

The drysuit has neoprene knee and shin guards for extra protection.  The waterproof socks help ensure no water leaks into the suit keeping you dry. Finally, the Predator Gear Drysuit comes in two camo patterns: Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity and Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades, making it the ultimate piece of duck hunting gear.  The Predator Gear Drysuit will allow you to hunt ducks like you have never done before.   

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