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Blocker Outdoors Unveils New Fall Gear

camo hoodie

Pictured: Vantage Hoodie

When the design and functionality of new hunting gear fit a wheelhouse of hunters, it is anyone’s guess where the hunt will lead.

Wherever the journey leads, whether it is sliding down a rocky mountainside chasing a bugling elk or the open flat lands stalking a mature antelope, or simply twenty feet up an oak tree in hopes of a trophy whitetail buck walking by the stand, tough gear that keeps the hunter comfortable is a requirement.

Blocker Outdoors has been helping hunters get close to the big game for over forty years. Advanced technologies like Cold Fused Carbon allow hunters to manage their scent. In contrast, unique designs in garments allow hunters to move freely wherever the hunt leads while keeping them cool, dry, warm, and comfortable in any conditions across the country.

In the fall of 2023, Blocker Outdoors took their innovative designs and features that hunters demanded and partnered with hunters' most trusted camouflage, Mossy Oak, to provide an advantage of staying on top of the food chain in any hunting scenario.

Verse Pants and Verse Pro Pants

The New Verse Pants and Verse Pro Pants were designed with western big game and whitetail hunters in mind. Western hunters put their bodies to the test, climbing up and down rugged terrain and pushing themselves through nature's obstacle courses to get into a better position to turn a shot opportunity into a reality.

These advanced hunting pants are available in two designs. The first is the Verse Pants which feature improved fabrics, with a smooth, lightweight polyester double-weave fabric for ultimate strength and longevity. The Verse Pants are made with a 4-way stretch to increase the hunter’s maneuverability, providing unrestricted movement in the field. Another important feature is a DWR treatment that keeps hunters dry and comfortable when walking through the morning dew or when mother nature decides to drop a drizzle that would normally create a miserable hunt. The Verse Pants are ideal for the early season when temperatures can remain warmer or during the mid-season when cooler air sets in for the fall. Either way, the side seam vent zips help regulate body temperature, while articulated knees and stretch fabric provide a greater range of motion than ever before.

The Verse Pro Pants feature the same advanced fabrics that provide increased maneuverability and excellent DWR treatments to keep hunters dry and comfortable. They also feature built-in knee pads and a slightly more reinforced seat overlay/build. The Verse Pro Pants are great for western hunters or the modern deer hunter who likes to hunt in tree saddles that can cause havoc in traditional hunting clothes. The advanced designs will keep garments lasting for years when rubbing against tough tree bark or maneuvering the body into a better shooting position. The Verse Pants and Verse Pro Pants are available in the new Mossy Oak Terra Outland to keep hunters concealed from every big game animal nationwide.

Shield Solstice Jacket and Pants

When fall arrives, and the deer movement heats up across the country, it is common for temperatures to become downright chilly when in a treestand or blind hunting. Often, deer hunters seek gear that keeps them warm and comfortable while giving them advanced scent control against the incredible sense of smell of the whitetail deer.

When sitting long hours in the stand or blind, hunters need the increased insulation to stay warm yet have the ability to continue to maneuver a bow or rifle and remain comfortable throughout the entire hunt. The Solstice Jacket features moisture-repelling DWR treatment and a cozy Berber fleece lining to ensure optimal warmth and comfort. To help fight against scent control, Blockers S3 treatment, a technology with silver ions that bind and penetrate the surface of odor-causing bacteria on contact, further prevents any formation of unwanted odors.

The Solstice Pants feature the same smooth, quiet polyester outer shell with warm Berber fleece lining that keeps the chill out throughout the entire hunt. Articulated knees and inner thigh gussets provide hunters with the mobility they have demanded for many years. With advanced scent control, superior warmth and comfort, and the new Mossy Oak Terra Outland patterns, the hunter can elevate their hunting experience to a new level of success.

Vantage Hoodie and Pants

During the early portion of the hunting season, hunters are eager to enjoy the time outdoors they have been waiting on since the previous season ended. When hunting in early warmer weather, hunters often fight to stay cool and comfortable while in the stand or blind and also seek to control their human scent when their body is covered in sweat.

The new Blocker Outdoors Vantage Quarter-Zip Long Sleeve Hoodie and Pants is a must-have for any deer hunter looking for warm weather comfort. The Vantage Hoodie and Pants are exclusively sold at Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s. It is made of ultra-quiet polyester fabric and features Blocker's innovative Cold Fusion Carbon technology that absorbs odors on an atomic level and provides ultimate scent control against deer.

The lightweight Vantage Hoodie and Pants fabric keep hunters cool in warm weather. The quarter-zip front on the Vantage Hoodie makes taking the garment on and off a breeze when ventilation is a demand. The Vantage Pants feature four pockets for storing essential gear when moving to or sitting in a stand or blind and give the hunter easy access to gear when needed. Elastic in the waistband and 7 belt loops provide a comfortable, secure fit, ensuring that the hunter's pants stay in place even during the most active hunts. As with the other garments featured, the Vantage Hoodie and Pants are available in the new Mossy Oak Terra Outland pattern.

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