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Kevin VanDam: Changing Techniques for Bass Fishing

Kevin VanDam

Although I hope to have a minimum of 10 sites I want to fish on a tournament day, I’d rather have 100 areas. Bass quit biting at one spot and then start back biting an hour or two later there for many different reasons. For instance, if current is coming through a lake, an area will replenish itself with bass, often within an hour or so. However, if the weather changes, I may wait 2-3 hours before returning to that same spot. If I have three very productive places where I can catch a bass every time I return to each, I may rotate fishing between those three spots. As long as the conditions don’t change, oftentimes bass will hang out in the same area where other bass have hung out.

Also the number of bass I catch on one place helps me decide whether or not I’ll return to that same spot to fish it again. For instance, if I only catch one or two bass in 30-45 minutes of fishing, I may not return there that day. I should have several other sites where I can catch more bass in that time frame. However, if I catch five to six bass in one spot in 45 minutes to an hour, I may return to that spot every hour or two. So, the number of bass a region holds and that I catch the first time I fish it often dictates how many times I’ll return there to fish to try and add more bass to my limit. 

Yet another factor impacting whether I change techniques for bass fishing is the size of bass I’m catching. If I catch 10 bass that weigh 1 to 1-1/2 pounds each, I may leave that place and move to another location where I can catch 3-4 pound bass in that same time.

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