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Grow Bigger Fish with 3 Simple Steps

Everyone loves a big fish story or, even better, one pulling on their line. Understanding the basics of fisheries management can not only make you a better fisherman and GameKeeper but will allow you to create better habitat in the waters you fish. The results speak for themselves. You will have more time catching bigger healthier fish.   

Like most other wildlife, fish require a few things and if you can provide this to your pond you can greatly increase the opportunities to grow and attract fish…big fish.

Fish Pond Management

1. Water Quality

A healthy pond starts off with healthy water and nutrient levels to achieve the results you are after. It’s important to properly fertilize the water, kick starting the food chain with a bloom of zooplankton and phytoplankton. That’s the green tint you see in the healthiest waters. It’s the base of the food chain, it’s eaten by small fish and bugs, they’re eaten by larger fish, they’re eaten by even larger fish…but by fertilizing with BioLogic Perfect Pond Plus you can significantly increase the carrying capacity of the pond and improve the health of the fish. 

2. Structure

All fish, big and small, need structure.  Every healthy fish pond has two types of structural components that work together to provide critical habitat for all parts of the food chain.

a. Bait Rearing Structure

Providing proper bait rearing structure like the Root Wad by MossBack Fish Habitat, allows for baitfish, fry and other food forage sources to hide amongst the tightly spaced limbs. When situated in 3-5 feet of water, it keeps bait fish relatively safe, gives them a sense of security and provides areas for bait to congregate and multiply. These baitfish are a primary food source and will attract and grow the larger bass that you are wanting to catch. Every day, those big bass feed on something. Whether they search it out or they ambush something that happens to swim past.

b. Large Fish Structure

Providing proper ambush structure like the Trophy Tree by MossBack Fish Habitat, allows your larger fish to feel safe and comfortable. This type of structure should be situated in 5 or more feet of water and is more open, allowing the larger fish a place to hang out while waiting for ambush feeding opportunities.

It’s important to have the right ratio of structure to open water. These two structure types should be placed in close proximity so as these fish get hungry, it’s a short swim from the large fish structure to the bait rearing structure and a meal. Think of the Root Wad bait rearing structure as a buffet and the larger fish structure (Trophy Tree) as a dormitory and make it easy for the larger fish to access food sources. You will be attracting fish to specific spots and highly increasing your odds. 

Think of your pond as a scope of woods and these structural areas you’ll be creating as food plots or feeding areas. Feeding your fish without making them work hard for it allows them to put on weight. The Trophy Tree structure lets you know areas where the big fish should be hanging out, it’s up you to catch them. These MossBack units are not limited to just ponds. Many fisherman are sinking these structures in lakes and reaping the benefits. 

3. Harvest

The best part about the last piece of the puzzle is up to you; you have to catch them!  The fish will be there, staging around the cover of the large fish structure or maybe even feeding at the bait rearing structure. You have to determine the best bait, make the cast and hook up. What you catch will help you determine how to keep your pond at its optimum health; overpopulation of specific species is one of the most common problems of most ponds.  Keep track of what you are catching and consult a fisheries biologist to help determine proper slots and quotas for harvest. 

Get Started Growing and Catching Larger Fish Today!  We’ve worked with our partners at MossBack Fish Habitat to create the GameKeeper Pond Management Pack to get you started growing and catching bigger fish.  For a limited time you get 1 acre of Perfect Pond Fertilizer, a MossBack Root Wad and a MossBack Trophy Tree for only $99 (retail value $170.97).

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