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Do These Summer Chores Before Deer Season

Brodie Swisher

With record heat rolling across much of the country, hunting chores aren’t likely to be at the top of the to-do list for most hunters. Between the heat, snakes, and mosquitoes buzzin’ in your ear, the easier option is to lay low, stay in the shade, and wait on cooler temperatures to arrive. 

But now is not the time to get lazy! There is plenty of work to be done. Bowhunting opportunities will kick off in some states in less than 60 days. So don’t put it off! Here’s a look at the summer chores to knock out for deer season. 

checking treestand straps and cables

Hang, Move, Replace Tree Stands

Now is a great time to replace stands that are in need of repair or that have become questionable in their stability. Check for any damage in straps, chains, ropes, or wielding on the stand itself. If your stand has been in the tree for more than a couple years, it’s time to replace the straps. Sure, they may look fine, and they may even feel solid when you stomp on the platform, but don’t gamble on this one. Hunters fall every year from stands with straps that “look” just fine. 

6 Tree Stand Safety Tips

Now is also a great time to get ladder stands and blinds in place in order to give deer ample time to acclimate to the changes around their home turf. Hang and move stands now to eliminate the frustration and stress that comes with the last-minute prep work before season. 

Trim Shooting Lanes

Remember the limb that blocked your shot last year when a buck cruised into your shooting lane? Cut it down now! Don’t let it happen again this season. Climb into your stand, and take inventory on what needs to go. Doing so when the woods are at full foliage allows you to know exactly what branches or brush could potentially cost you a shot. The key is to not wait until the week before the season. Knock it out early so the deer have time to adjust and get back to their routine after you’ve made adjustments to the timber and stunk up the place. Hanging stands and mowing down brush in the whitetail woods the week of the opener can be a recipe for disaster. Make it happen now, and be prepared when the opener arrives.  

property management onx maps

Knock on Doors

Scouting with tools like the smartphone app, OnX Hunt, should be a part of your daily routine in the summer months as you search for additional hunting properties on private land. Make a commitment to spend a little time each day scouring over your local maps to identify potential hunting properties for the fall. OnX makes it super easy to drop pins and make notes on properties you’d like to pursue further. The app also allows you to easily identify landowners and the amount of acreage they own. 

With this knowledge, it’s now time to start knocking on doors. Yes, it’s intimidating to walk to the door of a stranger. And sure, most landowners will say, no. But sooner or later, you will find the landowner that grants you the green light to chase deer on the hundred acres behind their house.

helping landowners on the farm tractor

Show Appreciation to Landowners You Already Have

Smart hunters don’t just use and abuse a landowner’s property during deer season. They also spend time in the summer months nurturing landowner relationships. They mow grass, mend fences, and listen to boring stories about the landowner’s grandkids. You do what it takes to show the love to the landowner to ensure you maintain the permission to hunt year after year.  That’s why it’s so important to show some love to the landowners that allow you to hunt their property.

A few gifts of appreciation aren’t a bad idea either. Share some of the wild game you took off their property, if they’d care for the meat. Otherwise, buy them a gift card for dinner somewhere around town, or even send them a wild game meat package from Gamekeeper Butchery

Again, it’s a simple gesture that can prove to be a big investment in showing the landowner how much you appreciate the opportunity to hunt their land.

Hang Trail Cameras for Target Buck Inventory

Your target bucks will be showing all the signs of potential at this point of the year, so now is a great time to make sure trail cameras are in place, batteries are fresh, and SD cards are clean. This is the time to take inventory of what bucks are hanging out on your property.

Will you have the same bucks hanging out on the farm again this year? Are there some new players showing up?

You’ll get a much better idea of what you have on the property when you’re running trail cameras across your farm. 

Best Practices for Trail Camera Placement
inspecting treestand


No pain, no gain. You’ve likely heard it from an old coach, or trainer at the gym. The same can be said when it comes to tackling the list of summer chores for deer hunting. It won’t be fun. And at times, it’ll likely be painful. But if you’ll work hard now, you can hunt easy when deer season kicks off in the months ahead. Check your gear, prepare your property, build landowner relationships, and start taking trail cam inventory. It’s a labor of love that’ll put you ahead of the game this season. 

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