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Prune Your Trees Before It’s Too Late

3-6 Pruning
Fruit trees need continuous care if they’re going to remain productive. So many people have fruit trees on their property that have grown out of control. These people usually don’t understand the tonnage a few fruit trees can actually provide. Many people think that pruning is cosmetic, but when it comes to fruit trees proper pruning is essential for the best yield and now is prime time.

The first step is to gain some control of the tree using THESE TECHNIQUES. If the tree is severely overgrown, you don’t want to prune everything all at once, it should be a process that lasts for two or three years. Some people like to use the rule of thirds, by pruning 1/3 each year.

To get the tree to produce the best fruit yield, remove suckers (branches that form from the roots or trunk of your tree), branches that grow down as opposed to those that grow upward; however, horizontal branches are most desired because they hold the fruit in the most pristine nature. Remove any branches that are crowded within the interior of the tree or if they are crossing and overlapping. THESE TIPS may also help, but you want to open the tree for sunlight and air penetration.

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