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Mossy Oak Properties announces “National Day of Conservation”

Extends Challenge to Participate

Mossy Oak Properties Day of Conservation


Advocating for conservation initiatives and supporting conservation organizations has long been a corporate emphasis of the Mossy Oak family of companies.  As such, the inaugural “Mossy Oak Properties National Day of Conservation” will challenge the Mossy Oak and Mossy Oak Properties families, as well as the entire outdoors community, to engage in conservation activities on Saturday, September 28th. 

According to Mossy Oak Founder and Chairman Toxey Haas, the Mossy Oak Properties National Day of Conservation will serve to further spread the message on conservation on a grassroots level, as well as challenge those passionate about the outdoors to take action by completing a project of need in their local community.  

“As my conservation mentor and father, ‘Mr. Fox,’ said best, the good that we all do lives long after we are gone,” said Haas.  “As such, the Mossy Oak family lives by the belief that we are the first line for conservation efforts.  No group symbolizes the connection with land more than the Mossy Oak Properties network of land specialists, so it is only fitting they are leading the charge on this incredible grassroots effort, and asking othersMr. Fox quote to do the same.”

The Mossy Oak Properties National Day of Conservation will mobilize the more than 700 Mossy Oak Properties land specialists across 28 states by challenging them to each engage as a team in a conservation activity that will address needs in their local communities or areas.  They, along with other members of the Mossy Oak family, will extend the challenge to an even broader group, with the hopes of sparking a wildfire of grassroots conservation activities and elevating awareness for conservation efforts.

“Look, it’s the truth-people with a passion for hunting and fishing are truly America’s foremost conservationists,” said Haas.  “We all have a responsibility be the example for others to follow and to leave the land and its resources better than we found them.  Conservation is all about ensuring that future generations have access to hunt, fish, and spend time outdoors, and that the resources flourish by our efforts.  By working together towards that common and noble goal, we can do our part.” 

Haas closed by saying: “So with that said, do you accept the challenge?” 

Ideas of conservation projects

  • Trash clean-up efforts on land or waterways
  • Pledging to plant or gift a tree
  • Building a wood duck or bird/bat box
  • Planting wildflowers
  • Donating to a state park, campground, and/or wildlife refuge
  • Purchasing extra federal waterfowl stamps to support wetlands conservation
  • Sponsor new hunters in their hunter’s education coursework
  • Purchasing a hunting or fishing license for a new hunter/fisherman

We encourage you to involve your family and friends in you chosen project and to extend the challenge to others. We also encourage you to tag Mossy Oak and Mossy Oak Properties in all challenge activity social media posts, and use #dayofconservation for the chance of your project being featured on our social media! 

Day of Conservation challenge

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