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T&M Tactical Lighted Gloves

Provided By: Brian Stephens | Co-Host of Ultimate Bowhunting TV


Flashlights are a key piece of equipment for all hunters and outdoors enthusiasts.  The challenge with using a flashlight many times in the early mornings or evenings when you are getting set up is you lose the use of one of your hands. T&M Tactical Lighted Gloves has helped to solve this problem for hunters with the Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity hunting glove. These gloves have 4 high-quality LED lights built into the gloves, so you can use both hands at the same time, having a light source where you need and want it.   

T&M is known for its glove technology used by the military and law enforcement agencies.  T&M produces here in the USA a very effective and durable line of gloves that are used every day by many of the today’s law enforcement units across the country.  These gloves were designed to provide a form fit with a high-quality LED light that are tough enough to endure some of the most extreme conditions.  T&M has taken this same high-quality glove and designed it for the hunter.  

The T&M Tactical Lighted Gloves come in Mossy Oak Break-UP Infinity with an insulated material and fleece lining.  The T&M Tactical Light is securely mounted into the non-dominate glove.  This is done to ensure safety and it is strategically placed for mobility and precise lighting when needed.  The custom T&M Tactical lightweight impact/shatter resistant poly propylene plastic light housing protects the 4 Ultra Bright LED lights that come in white and red colors.  

A really nice feature of these gloves is the light housing.  The poly propylene plastic housing ensures these gloves can take some abuse in the outdoors.  I was very impressed with how strong this housing was built. You have to think that they built these gloves to withstand some of the most extreme military situations, so they should be able to handle most of what we as hunters can throw at them.  

Additionally, I was also pleasantly surprised with how well the gloves fit my hands.  I was a little worried that the light housing would be cumbersome and uncomfortable.  You really do not realize it is there and the gloves have a form fit to them.

There is an easy three button system on the housing allowing the hunter to have light on demand with T&M Tactical’s exclusive built-in Palm Pressure feature. A constant beam for continued light use or a strobe light can be used only when you need them.  A real world application that I found with these gloves was being able to get my equipment out of the truck quietly and quickly, because I was using both hands.  I did not have to put the flashlight in my mouth to hold it (like we have all done before) or set it on truck bed rail in order to get all my gear out for the hunt.  Another scenario could be when you are heading to your treestand in the morning. You have the freedom to carry your gun or bow and still have a light pointing down, helping guide the way.  Once in your stand you can quickly turn on/off the light when needed without making noise or having much movement, thus limiting the possibility of spooking game.  

Additionally, because of the red LED light feature in the gloves, I was comfortable to use the gloves to help me set up my decoys on a recent turkey hunt down in Florida.  It was nice to be able to use both hands to quietly pull out the decoys and set them up quickly and get ready for the hunt.  

The T&M gloves have a mini USB port that allows you to charge the lithium polymer batteries. The T&M Gloves have long run times and battery life.  The tactical run time is 2 hours with the 4 High Output White L.E.D. Light. The strobe run time is 4 hours with the 4 High Output White L.E.D. Lights. It takes an hour for the gloves to reach a full charge with the lithium battery. 

There are numerous applications for the T&M Hunting Gloves and overall I was really impressed with the ease of use and how well they were made. To learn more about the Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity T&M Hunting Gloves visit


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