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What We’re About

The MOOSE Media Group

Mossy Oak Outdoor Sports and Entertainment (MOOSE) is a multi-tool media solutions company that leads a variety of exclusive marketing activities for the Pursuit Channel, from original content development to endemic advertising campaigns to long-form time buy and more. With 38+ million homes currently receiving Pursuit Channel, primarily through basic-tier agreements with DIRECTV and DISH Network, the television service carries more outdoors television shows to more U.S. households than any other specialty-net distributor in America.

MOOSE Media Services

Networking Advertising Sales and Marketing

In addition to national advertising and exclusive programming responsibilities for Pursuit Channel, MOOSE Media continues to direct partnerships for Mossy Oak Productions’ renowned cache of original and internationally syndicated television features. Following criteria emphasizing associations with the greater Mossy Oak enterprise, MOOSE also represents a selection of top-quality independent television outdoors shows.

Original Television Production

MOOSE Media is dedicated to the traditional outdoors’ family of hunters, fishers and shooters, a level of excitement, knowledge and commitment that’s perhaps best illustrated through its original-to-market production of Outdoor News Express. Exclusive to the Pursuit Channel, MOOSE Media’s ONX is the only television network newscast serving the outdoors category. MOOSE continues to create, develop, produce and consult on a variety of independent television productions, including Leupold Big Game Profiles and The Honey Brake Experience.

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