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Clips & Episodes
2015   13 Clips & Episodes
For hunters who live and breathe to hunt whitetail deer, whose summers are filled with land management and whose falls are spent in the stand, the information offered here is priceless beyond compare. The combined decades of experience and expertise delivered by the Deer Thugs, five professional outfitters who make their living putting hunters close to deer, share a variety of opinions and form a bedrock of knowledge. Today’s Hunters United for Good -- More than simply another TV show, the Turkey and Deer THUGS series is a salute and a helping hand to the soldiers who’ve been wounded while keeping our nation free. A portion of the licensing dollars generated by Deer and Turkey THUG merchandise goes to the Outdoor Recreation Heritage Fund, which helps our heroes get back to the outdoors and return to the traditions their sacrifices helped protect.
Scouting the Plains
This week the THUGs discuss scouting a stand site and Jimmy Riley hunts at Rolling Plains Adventures... Read More

Hunting the Pre-Rut or the Rut
This week the THUGs talk about if they would rather hunt the rut or the pre-rut and Justin Eakins go... Read More

All Day in the Valley
This week the THUGs talk about sitting in the stand all day and Jimmy Riley along with Nick Gieringe... Read More