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About The ProStaff

1000 members strong, the Mossy Oak ProStaff is a group of dedicated men and women who are passionate about the outdoors and obsessed with getting closer to critters. Members of the ProStaff share and promote the ideals of the Mossy Oak brand in all they do. There is not an outdoor event in America where a local Mossy Oak ProStaff member will not lend a helping hand. Whether it be a retail store promotion, a conservation group banquet, a deer or turkey classic, a kids event, whatever it may be, the Mossy Oak ProStaff are full-fledged ambassadors of the Great Outdoors and the Mossy Oak brand. They love to share their own insights and experiences.

Members of our National ProStaff are people the hunting community will recognized from their hunting expertise, accomplishments, videos, TV and magazine/web articles. Our Regional ProStaff is a group of accomplished hunters who promote Mossy Oak in various regions across the U.S. they also manage a localized Field Staff in their regions. Our ProStaff adds value to the Mossy Oak brand nationally, regionally and locally.

Meet The Mossy Oak ProStaff
      • Barry Wensel
      • Matt Morrett
      • Preston Crabtree
      • Reed Hansen
      • Terry Drury
      • Josh Thompson
      • Tyler Farr
      • Ted Nugent
      • Chris Janson
      • Gary Roberson
      • Julie Kreuter
      • John O’Dell
      • Neil Thrasher
      • John Phillips
      • Brenda Valentine
      • Brad Davis
      • Gary LeVox
      • Marty Fischer
      • Kristen Kelly
      • Hunter Wallis
      • Mark Prudhomme
      • David Buchanan
      • Bubby Brister
      • Shane Simpson
      • Matt Van Cise
      • Ashlee Lundvall
      • Paul Butski
      • Ryan Klesko
      • Allen Treadwell
      • Tracy Byrd
      • Jason Irish
      • Fred Zink
      • Gene Wensel
      • Bill Saunders
      • Lt. Col. Lew Deal
      • Ernie Calandrelli
      • Bill Zearing
      • John Annoni
      • Ralph Ramos
      • Justin Smiley
      • Tim Sylvia
      • Kenny Evans
      • Bill Epeards
      • Josh Grossenbacher
      • Steve Stoltz
      • Ed Moxley
      • Barnie Calef
      • Nicole Reeve
      • Rod Pinkston
      • JT Harden
      • Ron Spomer
      • Jeff Lageman
      • Richie McKnight
      • Mark Kayser
      • Brent Metcalf
      • Jesse Martin
      • Harold Knight
      • Rick Kreuter
      • David Hale
      • Billy Yargus
      • Scott Ellis
      • Scott Thrienen
      • Chris Parrish
      • Kevin Kolb
      • Kari & Billy
      • Jon Lester
      • Trey Teague
      • Mark Drury
      • Cliff Lee
      • Brandon Scherff
      • Robb Nelson
      • Rick White
      • Hank Parker
      • Sean Considine
      • Shane Hendershot
      • Todd Lodwick
      • Pat Reeve
      • Craig Morgan
      • Chris Jones
        Turkey/Whitetail - Texas
      • Matt Newton
        Turkey - AL, KY, TN, MS
      • Tracy Groves
        Turkey - PA, NY, MD, DE, NJ
      • Mike Miller
        Waterfowl - Central Flyway
      • D.J. Randolph
        Big Game - ND, MT, SD, NE, WY, AK
      • Dave Parrott
        Whitetail - KY, IN, OH
      • Marshall Collette
        Whitetail - WV VA NC SC
      • Karl Badger
        Big Game - UT, AZ, CO, NM, KS, OK
      • Mike Magrew
        Whitetail - MO, IL, KS
      • Scott Hinojosa
        Turkey - AR, OK, LA
      • Steven Reinhold
        Predator - Eastern US
      • Cory Dukehart
        Waterfowl - Atlantic Flyway
      • Michael Leslie
        Turkey/Whitetail - New England
      • Mike Cockerham
        Turkey - NC, SC, GA, FL
      • Parrey Cremeans
        Big Game - CA, OR, WA, ID, NV
      • Mike Monteleone
        Whitetail - PA, NY, MD, NJ, DE
      • Dan Gritzner
        Whitetail - IA, WI, MN
      • Travis Sumner
        GameKeepers - Southeast
      • Jason Patterson
        Waterfowl - Mississippi Flyway
      • Mario Friendy
        Waterfowl - Pacific Flyway
      • Perry Peterson
        Turkey - IA, MO, IL, KS, NE
      • Alan Benton Jr.
        Whitetail - TN GA AL MS AR LA

Joining The Mossy Oak ProStaff

Becoming a Mossy Oak ProStaff member begins with a passion for hunting and being outdoors and a desire to share your experience with others. We’re always looking for enthusiastic, outdoors-minded individuals to represent Mossy Oak.

At the moment we aren't accepting new applications. But because positions become available frequently, please check back here regularly to see if there's an opening for the ProStaff in your neck of the woods.

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Walmart BFL Trail Fishing Event
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