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New Moultrie Camera Bag

  • With The Moultrie Camera Bag
  • Multifunctional compartments, articulated padding and lots of space make the Camera Bag well suited for in-field use as well as off-season storage.

Moultrie, the best-selling brand of trail cameras, game feeders and wildlife management products, understands that it can be challenging to keep multiple trail cameras and accessories organized, protected and ready for action at a moment's notice. Hence the release of the Moultrie Camera Bag, which holds up to six trail cameras and features multiple compartments for batteries, SD cards and other needed accessories.‬‬‬

Streamlining and organizing your scouting efforts is essential when devising your plan to hunt the bucks on your hit list. Whether you're adding new cameras to your property or repositioning your currently deployed game cameras, the Moultrie Camera Bag helps make the process easy and efficient—making your time in the woods more productive and effective.

The spacious Camera Bag can hold up to six game cameras or Moultrie Mobile MV1 Field Modems, and just as importantly, it includes built-in compartments for batteries, mounting accessories and the various Moultrie Mobile accessories. The Camera Bag also includes specialized compartments for the Field Tablet viewers, as well as dedicated compartments for those essential scouting cam tools: a Hunter's Saw and Pruning Shears.

In addition the interior portion of the Camera Bag includes a detachable 24-slot SD card holder. Keep your cameras, accessories and SD cards organized, within reach—and safe—both in the woods and while your cameras are not in use.

Moultrie Camera Bag Highlighted Features:

  • Ample Capacity In Compact Design
  • With room for up to six game cameras or modems, the Camera Bag is ideal for hunters with multiple scouting cameras.
  • Multifunctional Compartments
  • Multiple compartments offer storage for a wide variety of game management accessories: SD Cards, batteries, tablet viewers and more.
  • Protective Padding
  • When you're carrying your trail cameras as well as other hunting gear, the Camera Bag's padding helps keep your cameras and accessories safe when moving in and out of the woods.
  • Comfortable To Carry
  • Mossy Oak Bottomland pattern

Designed by hunters for hunters, the Camera Bag was designed to comfortably fit along one shoulder and lay flat against your back. The one shoulder design allows hunters to quickly swing the bag around and access their entire bag, without ever taking it off their back. Extra padding on the back makes extra-long walks easier and more comfortable.

Moultrie Camera Bag MSRP: $59.99

For more information about any Moultrie products, contact Glenn Walker at glenn@providencemarketinggroup.net or visit www.moultriefeeders.com.

About Moultrie

As the leaders in game management, Moultrie's dedication to producing reliable and easy to use products has kept Moultrie as the top-selling brand in trail cameras and game feeders, for over 35 years. With an insight for innovation, a commitment to excellence and continuous improvement, Moultrie is driven to develop new and superior products, year after year.‬

Jan 05, 2017



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