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About Us

As The Mossy Oak Story Goes...

It began with a fistful of dirt in 1986, and the same hunting and outdoors lifestyle still exists here today. Our love of the outdoors and our commitment to sustain that lifestyle drives us to partner with companies sharing our values. We work to support programs and organizations committed to the outdoors, as well as to build relationships that complement the Mossy Oak brand lifestyle.

Beginning with the desire to get closer to critters, Mossy Oak was founded in camouflage design. Our first patterns - Bottomland®, Greenleaf®, original Treestand®, Full Foliage® and Fall Foliage® - used natural elements and colors, and electrified the camouflage industry with specialized designs that made the hunter actually blend into the natural surroundings.

Our development team quickly realized shadows are the most common element of nature. The first in our shadow series patterns introduced by Mossy Oak was Break-Up®, which revolutionized the way people thought about camo. Break-Up was much more effective at concealment and in so many different hunting situations, it quickly became a best-seller. Other specialty patterns in the shadow series included Shadow Grass®, Shadow Branch®, Shadow Leaf® and Forest Floor®.

As technology improved in digital imagery and printing techniques, so did our patterns. As we moved into a new century, our patterns became ultra-realistic with an enhanced 3D effect. We put the new technology to work on our most popular pattern, Break-Up, and the redesigned pattern was introduced in 2002 as New Break-Up®. We soon followed with New Shadow Grass®. Then in 2004, came our unmatched spring pattern, Obsession®. We conquered the Western big game market in 2005, a first for us, with Brush®and in 2007 and 2008, Duck Blind® and Treestand® were launched respectively.

In 2010, we built on the continued success of Break-Up by introducing Break-Up Infinity®. Featuring six layers of depth, you can actually look into the pattern as if you are looking into the woods. With depth, detail and definition, Break-Up redefines camo once again with Break-Up Infinity.

2013 brought the launch of our latest pattern, Shadow Grass® Blades™, a purely grass pattern that offers waterfowlers a versatile and effective pattern for hunting along water edges and flooded fields.

Mossy Oak is, first and foremost, a camouflage brand, and our core consumer not only wears Mossy Oak camo for concealment in the woods, fields and open country, but as a representation of their love for the outdoors and the hunting lifestyle in their daily lives. That same appreciation for the outdoors and passion for hunting exists within our company and is consistently communicated through various channels. From print to TV to the World Wide Web, through events, ProStaff, trade shows, and at hunting camp – everything we do goes back to hunting, land stewardship, conservation and our outdoor heritage.

Thanks to all the great partners who have helped make Mossy Oak what it is today!

Learn About Some Of Our Staff
      • Fox Haas
        Secretary Treasurer
      • Toxey Haas
        Founder and CEO
      • Bill Sugg
      • Ronnie “Cuz” Strickland
        Senior Vice President
      • Chris Paradise
        Senior Vice President, Sales & Licensing
      • Asif Sakhawat
        Senior Vice President, Enterprise Operations
      • Ben Maki
        Senior Vice President, Marketing
      • J. Patrick Epling
        General Manager, 3D Fluid Graphics
      • Lannie Wallace
        Executive Vice President, Mossy Oak Properties
      • Bobby Cole
        President, Mossy Oak BioLogic
      • Chris Hawley
        CEO, Mossy Oak Properties
      • Dennis Presley
        Vice President, MOOSE Media
      • Pam Strickland
        Director, Licensing Operations

Mossy Oak Advertising

Mossy Oak takes pride in our consistent brand image, one that resonates with our consumers – It's not a passion. It's an obsession. The message reaches millions through our pattern-specific and brand advertising from print to TV to social media. From concept to creation, our ad campaigns are built in-house with input from all departments. We figure, what better place to find a diverse group of obsessed hunters than right here at Mossy Oak?

Print Advertising


Media Advertising

25 Years
25 Years
Break-Up Infinity: Depth, Detail, Definition
Break-Up Infinity: Depth, Detail,...
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"God only gives us so many sunrises. I don't see any need to miss one of 'em." -Toxey Haas