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Brandon Storey | Florida Turkey Success

This episode of The Specialists features Brandon Storey a Florida native. We take you along on a ride that began at a very young age guiding turkey hunts on a ranch that Brandon, his father and grandfather hold close to the Storey family. Brandon, in his early days of outfitting, was introduced to Mossy Oak 18-plus years ago and from that day on has been hosting clients from across the country, and Mossy Oak has been making TV shows there for 15-plus years. His dirt is a special place to chase Osceola turkeys in Florida. Having 100-percent success since the beginning, Brandon Storey takes us along and shares his secrets of how he does it, why he’s as good as he is and shares how easy he makes it for clients to pursue the Osceola turkey that is, by nature, very elusive and hard to hunt for most folks.

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