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The Obsessed | Jason Hart and the Tenth Legion

“The Obsessed” web series features NOMAD Co-Founder and Vice President of Sales, Jason Hart, as he starts off his 2018 turkey season pursuing Osceola turkeys. Since the age of 17, Jason Hart has been obsessed with hunting wild turkeys. After his first successful turkey hunt, he knew it would be mandatory to make turkey hunting a critical part of his life and career. Hart has killed turkeys in 29 states and hunted them in 37. That obsession has led Hart into a successful career in the outdoor industry where he currently serves NOMAD as the Vice President of Sales. “Whoever at Mossy Oak that used the word, ‘obsessed,’ to describe turkey hunters is a genius,” said Hart. “This cult known as turkey hunters that Tom Kelly refers to as the “Tenth Legion” is an obsessed group of unique individuals that I am proud to consider myself a part of.”

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