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Mr. Fox 71 | Chapter One

Mr. Fox Haas attempts to continue his streak and make 2018 his 71st turkey season to successfully hunt a wild turkey. The obsession with turkey hunting for Mr. Fox started in 1945 when he called in and killed his first turkey. Since then, he has evolved exponentially as an outdoorsman and conservationist. Last year, Mr. Fox was featured in Mossy Oak Capture Productions’ video, “70 – Mr. Fox Haas’ 70th Turkey Season,” where he was filmed killing a turkey for what completed his 70th successful season as a turkey hunter. Now, the goal is to continue his streak to complete 71 successful years of filling his turkey tag. This season, we invite you to follow along on the journey with Mr. Fox. Will he reach the goal of 71 successful turkey seasons? “All I can tell you is the old man ain’t what he used to be, but he’s still got the get-up to go,” said Mr. Fox.

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