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HONOR | Hank Patton - Fortunate

Hank Patton is a US Army veteran who currently serves as the President and CEO of USA Cares. Patton is a lifelong outdoorsman who fell on hard times, jobless and wondering how he and his family could make it. He now serves veterans in situations much like he was in through USA Cares. 

"I've always wanted to do something greater than myself," he said.

Knowing Patton's inspiring story and how he helps veterans, we knew it was a story for others to hear. We took him on a Pike County, Illinois bowhunt that was a "dream come true." As he recounts his experiences in life both in service and as an outdoorsman, he knows that he is FORTUNATE.

Jody Davis was a cameraman behind this veteran's hunt, and he shared, "Hank is the kind of guy that makes you appreciate the little things that every day brings to you and to always give thanks to everyone along the way."

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