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Grant Kypers | Saskatchewan Outfitter

Grant Kypers, a lifelong friend, farmer and outfitter from Paradise Hill, Saskatchewan, has played a major role in lending Mossy Oak a hand in producing TV shows over the past 15-plus years from whitetail, waterfowl, and bear hunts. In this episode of The Specialists, we tell the story of how his father gave him the inspiration at a young age to pursue his dreams and become an outfitter all while running the family farm and passing that passion on to his boys. Grant also shares the ups and down of being an outfitter and how it’s the people that walk through his doors each spring and fall that make the hard work all worth it. In closing, Grant sends a message of how appreciative he is that Mossy Oak believed in him early on in his outfitting career and has never strayed from making the trip to Buck Paradise Outfitters in Saskatchewan each year.

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