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Big Ol' Bird


Gobble, gobble baby… it’s here!!! Turkey season is upon us. For those of us who manage their property for wild turkeys and others who just like to keep track of harvests, judging a gobbler’s age is important for record keeping and for boasting rights. 

2013.3.26While using a combination of weight, tail fan and feather development, beard length and spur length is the most consistent manner to judge a gobbler’s age, spur length is probably the most accurate single indicator. When using this chart you can be fairly accurate in judging a tom’s age just by spur length. 

While spur length is a fairly reliable gauge it is only good up until they are three years old and then it gets tough. And seeing their spurs in a wild setting can be virtually impossible in some settings even with the best optics. So when judging birds in the wild before the moment of truth it’s best to use a mixture of factors to make your call. Using this combination of features will help you to bag the bird you want this spring.

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