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BunkerHead LLC Introduces the No-Touch Hunting Face Mask Featuring Mossy Oak Camo


ALGOA, TEXAS –BunkerHead LLC introduces the hunting industry to its one-of-a-kind, patent-pending No-TouchTM Face Mask System. It is “Comfortable, Versatile, and Simple.”

With all the incredible advancements that have been made in hunters’ clothing, from water-wicking outerwear to scent-blocking underwear, the face mask somehow fell through the cracks. BunkerHead’s No-Touch Hunting Face Mask is here to offer an innovative and new hunting option.

The BunkerHead Face Mask attaches to the brim of a cap instead of the hunter’s head.  With its infinitely shapeable support structure, the light-weight mask can be custom-formed to fit any hunting situation. By attaching to the cap, hunters no longer have to worry about glasses fogging up, fabric sticking to their skin, or the “one size fits some” problem. 

Bunkerhead_llWith a conventional face mask, a hunter does not have a choice in whether he covers up his ears and neck along with his face. The BunkerHead Face Mask System lets the hunter choose to either cover only his face (using only the Face Mask attachment), or he can choose to cover his whole head (by adding the Hoodie attachment).  

As a bonus, the Bunker Clips, which conveniently attach to each side of the cap brim, can serve to create a 3-D leaf effect from the hunter inserting small branches and leaves beneath the elastic tether that spans the cap. Or similarly, the hunter can choose to secure his sunglasses.

To apply the Face Mask, simply attach the two Bunker Clips to each side of the cap brim. To cover only your face, simply slide the Face Mask attachment into the outer holes of the Bunker Clips.  For full head coverage, just add the Hoodie attachment.

BunkerHead LLC is a small, family-owned business.  Their products are proudly manufactured in the USA from the highest quality materials and are offered in a variety of Mossy Oak patterns and fabrics.  For more information or to order, log on to

BunkerHead LLC produces officially licensed products of Haas Outdoors Inc.

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