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The $310,000 Mule Deer


The recently concluded Western Hunting and Conservation Expo set a new record for a deer permit when a hunter submitted a $310,000 winning bid for a mule deer permit on Antelope Island in Utah. 90% of that money will go to Antelope Island State Park.

The permit was purchased by Dennis Austad of Idaho. Austad set the record for all deer hunting permits according the CEO of the Mule Deer Foundation, Miles Moretti. The previous record was $265,000 for a Utah statewide mule deer hunting tag. Austad also purchased last year's Antelope Island mule deer hunting tag for $160,000. The photo above (photo courtesy of Mossback Outfitters) is of the mule deer he took on the island in November of last year. It’s reported that Austad has spent in excess of $1 million in recent years on conservation tags in Utah.

Jeremy Shaw, the Antelope Island State Park manager, said that the money will be used to purchase and plant 10,000 bitterbrush plant seedlings and sagebrush plants on the island.

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