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Episode 2 of “Family Tree” - Squirrel Hunting with Boone

Mossy Oak Capture Digital Productions has released its second episode of “Family Tree,” a web series that highlights the importance of spending time outdoors with family, teaching and guiding through hunting and conservation efforts, which serves to preserve the outdoors heritage. 

The second episode features Mossy Oak’s Walt Gabbard as he passes his passion for the outdoors on to his son Boone. Boone’s excitement on this eastern Kentucky squirrel hunt offers a refreshing perspective to the significance of hunting and the bond it can create between those that enjoy it together.

“There is no doubt that at Mossy Oak our Family Tree is the most important aspect of who we are and what we do,” said Walt Gabbard, Media Production Manager for Mossy Oak.  “That is, beyond a shadow of a doubt, one of the things that has always drawn me to the Brand and the people in it. We all had an entrance into the outdoors lifestyle. Somewhere in all of our lives, someone took us hunting or fishing and lit the spark in our minds that drove us to be the outdoors men and women we are today. That is common ground we can all share.  My flame was sparked in southeastern Kentucky chasing squirrels. I can trace my wide variety of outdoors obsessions, my career and even meeting my wife back to that one simple sport. Now, I have the privilege of taking my 5-year-old son Boone along with me and watch the fire grow in his eyes for the same things I love.”

Viewers can watch the first episode of “Family Tree” on Mossy Oak’s Facebook page and YouTube channel as Chris Paradise and his children, Michael and Ava, experience an unforgettable Ohio turkey. Offers Branded Lifestyle and Camo Hats
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