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Dana and Chad Wall Enjoy Their “Wallhanger” TV Show and Hunting Across the Country


Editor’s Note: Chad Wall and his wife Dana, who are the hosts of “Wallhanger TV” on the Pursuit Channel, live in Springfield, Louisiana, on an alligator farm. The webpage is and they're on Facebook.

According to Chad Wall, “I’m often asked how Dana and I transition from being alligator farmers into having a hunting show and hunting all over the country. We are a clan of hunters and a large family, who all hunt – aunts, uncles, cousins, brothers and sisters. Up until about 15-years ago, we rarely hunted away from the swamps of Louisiana, but then, we started going to Alabama, Mississippi and other deer-hunting states in the South and eventually hunted in the Midwest and the Northwest. From the time I was born, I’ve always wanted to hunt as much as possible. 

“We’ve been in the TV business for about 10 years and have had our own show for about 6 years. We’ve always had a passion for bowhunting whitetails and capturing our hunts on video. When I took my first buck that scored 135 inches on video, I instantly was addicted to taking friends, family and viewers on hunts with us by showing them videos. 

Wall2_ll“‘What’s the best way to become a professional hunter and get into the TV business?’ is a question I’m often asked. Well, I don’t exactly know. We got into business by being pro staff hunters and videographers for people who already had TV shows. We did that for about 3 years, and that’s what I suggest to people who are interested in starting their own TV shows. As a pro staffer for an existing TV show, you learn: what the business of hunting, filming and producing shows is; how to work with sponsors; what chain of command is required to have and produce your own TV show; how to work with manufacturers; and how to promote products, when you’re in the field hunting. You can’t beat that in-the-field experience and one-on-one coaching that you get when you work with a TV show host and producer. 

“We’ve learned quickly that there’s a big difference in filming your own hunt and filming a hunt for television. I want our viewers to see that we are hard-working men and women just like they are. We love the outdoors. Dana and I love each other, our family and hunting and sharing the hunting experience with others. We believe in and try to show family values and our Christian faith. 

“Some people think that our lifestyle is pretty neat, because we hunt wild alligators, raise alligators for the market and hunt white-tailed deer all over the country. We mainly want to showcase all that’s outdoors and our love for the outdoor lifestyle. Ninety percent of our show is about bowhunting with some blackpowder hunting and rifle hunting.”

Day 1: Chad and Dana Wall Run an Alligator Farm and Hunt Alligators

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