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Are You Busting Bucks Or Are They Busting You


You’ve undoubtedly heard that whitetails need food, water and cover to survive, and that is true. However, they also need a spot to live “undisturbed.” Too many hunters find a great spot, but then ruin it the first time they hunt it by hunting when the conditions are wrong or because they alert every deer in the area when they approach the spot. They can also ruin it during the first week by “over-hunting” the site. Pressured whitetails are much more difficult to kill than deer that aren’t aware they’re being hunted.

There are several things you can do to assure this doesn’t happen. First, only hunt a site when the wind and other conditions are in your favor. It’s almost impossible to find a day where every detail is in your favor, but foremost, make sure the wind and thermal current are to your advantage. Make sure you can approach your ambush site silently and undetected. If you cannot, have somebody drive you to your site on an ATV or other vehicle. Whitetails see vehicles all the time and vehicles aren’t perceived as an immediate threat like a hunter on foot is. Once the vehicle leaves, they recognize that the threat is gone as well. If you put some forethought into it and know where your stand sites will be you can plant visual screens that will aid you in getting to your site completely undetected. BioLogic’s Blind Spot can create excellent cover in only two months of growth. The Egyptian wheat in the blend can produce cover 12 to 14 feet tall.

You must also make sure that you don’t “over-hunt” the spot. It’s been said that the first time you hunt a spot is the best. There is some truth to that, but isn’t the “best time” the time that your target buck passes by, whether it’s the first, third or tenth time you hunted the spot? You must simply use some common sense. If you’re noticing does and fawns busting you or you see a dramatic drop-off in sightings, you’re probably putting on too much pressure on the spot and you need to give it a rest. But if the action is good, oftentimes with the help of some Scent Killer and paying close attention to the wind, you can hunt a spot multiple days in a row. You just need to put in your time until the buck you’re after makes the scene. Use some “smarts.” Unpressured whitetails are MUCH easier to kill than bucks that know you’re there or know you’re coming.

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