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Mossy Oak’s ProStaff Finds Hunting Connects Them with Their Children

John Phillips |  August 13, 2012

The best thing we can do as parents is to give our children memories that will last their lifetimes and impart the values and beliefs that we want them to teach to their children. By spending time with our children, they learn the importance of family and the need to spend time with their children once they have them. Jason Patterson of Jackson, Tennessee, a member of Mossy Oak’s Pro Staff, has found hunting is the thread that connects the generations in his family.

Jason Patterson always loved bowhunting and waterfowl hunting, which was much better near where he lived than the deer hunting. But 3-years ago, he got back into bowhunting. As Patterson explains, “I grew-up in southern Indiana, and all my life I’d been a deer hunter. I moved to Tennessee when I was about 20-years old. At that time, deer hunting in Tennessee wasn’t as good as it had been in Indiana. Yes, the state had plenty of deer, but the bucks were smaller than Indiana bucks. So, I switched over to rifle hunting. Then I got bit by the waterfowl bug and forgot about deer hunting for a little while. When my son Oakley turned 6-years old, he wanted to try deer hunting. We started gun hunting for deer. Oakley is 12 now. When he was 10-1/2-years old, he got his first bow, the PSE Chaos. I had talked to Blake Shelby, the marketing director for PSE, formerly with Mossy Oak. We decided Oakley was just now getting strong enough to pull the Chaos and be able to hunt with it.

“I like teaching Oakley to shoot his bow and hunt, because it’s something I can do with him. I can teach him about form and how to aim and also pull arrows for him. I get to be with Oakley, instead of him sitting in front of the TV set or playing a video game. I’ve learned that youngsters think shooting a bow is cool, which is very important. He gets to shoot a lot, especially during the summer months when he goes bowfishing. He’s improving his skills as an archer when he’s shooting at fish. Whether he takes a fish or not, he’s using his mechanical release, drawing the bow, creating muscle memory and learning to hold the bow steady – all elements he’ll need during deer season. I know that shooting the bow is becoming more and more popular in many school systems.

Oakley still loves to shoot a gun. “I’m the area manager for Mossy Oak Camouflage. One of the pro staffers for Mossy Oak I work with, Jennifer McKinney, invited Oakley and me to go bowfishing with her. That one bowfishing trip really set Oakley on fire. We’re bowfishing more and more this summer. As Oakley draws his Chaos and shoots it, the stronger his muscles will be, the more weight he can pull, and the more he enjoys his outdoor experiences.”

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