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Timing Is Everything

4-24 Timing
With the unseasonably warm weather throughout the northern half of the country many people question whether or not they can plant early. The answer would vary north to south, but it is best to plant when you normally would to avoid the possibility of a killing frost. You can probably push your planting date ahead a few days, but a few weeks is not wise. The problem with Mother Nature is “you never know.” Target your planting dates according to annual trends, not a freak spring heat-up. 

Although the spring warm up doesn't mean you should be planting earlier, it does mean you can get a lot of the prep work finished. Killing unwanted competition in a proposed new plot area or using selective herbicides to clean up a perennial plot should be done while the target plants are young. However, you must make sure that you don’t spray too early. You want your target plants growing vigorously so that they suck the poison into their root system. 

Burn Baby, Burn -- Stimulating Plant Regeneration
Spring is usually the perfect time to do prescribed burns. Often referred to as a “controlled burn” or “reduction burning,” it is a practice used in forest management, crop rotation, or prairie restoration. Fire is an essential part of many wild ecosystems. It will reduce plant residue build-up so as to prevent catastrophic fires in the future, and can be vital for the regeneration of many plant species. Fires generate a period of resurrection and

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