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MossyOakHeadwear.com Offers Branded Lifestyle and Camo Hats

Receive 20% off your first order

Mossy Oak and Outdoor Cap Company have officially launched their new website dedicated to offer a wide variety of headwear ranging from lifetstyle to outdoor-specific designs. Available now, this new line of headwear is offered directly to consumers at www.mossyoakheadwear.com.  

The full headwear line is available in four different categories: Exclusives, Lifestyle, Camo and Blaze.  Currently, website visitors that apply the code “MOSSY20” will receive 20% off. Free shipping is available on all orders.

“As the saying goes, ‘It began with a fistful of dirt.’ Mossy Oak’s desire to get closer to critters, combined with their passion for hunting and conservation is what helped them build one of the most successful camo brands on the market,” said Jim Haworth, President & CEO of Outdoor Cap Company.  “Thanks to our partnership with Mossy Oak, Outdoor Cap Company, Inc. is the nation’s leading camouflage headwear provider. We’re proud to share our commitment to the outdoors with a brand that has supported the lifestyle and protected the outdoors for over 30 years.”

With different colors and camo accents, Mossy Oak Headwear gives outdoors men and women a unique line of headwear with prices ranging from $16.99 to $24.99. To see the selection of Mossy Oak hats from Outdoor Cap, visit www.mossyoakheadwear.com

Outdoor Cap Company is an officially licensed partner of Haas Outdoors Inc.

Oct 04, 2017



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