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Mossy Oak Focuses on Family with “Family Tree”

Mossy Oak Capture Digital Productions presents “Family Tree,” a web series that highlights the importance of spending time outdoors with family, teaching and guiding through hunting and conservation efforts, which serves to preserve the outdoors heritage. 

Airing exclusively on Mossy Oak’s Facebook page and YouTube channel beginning June 15, each episode of “Family Tree” will feature a family within Mossy Oak and what it means to them to pass on outdoors traditions as well as reflection on hunts and special times outdoors.

The first episode follows Chris Paradise and his children, Michael and Ava, as they experience an unforgettable Ohio turkey hunt. 

“At Mossy Oak our family tree is growing every day. We continue to foster a lifestyle where our business truly feels like a ‘family business’ to all of us in one form or another. It is that genuine, deep rooted culture that encourages all of us to share some of our life experiences from our own immediate families and how they are intertwined in the lives we lead at Mossy Oak,” said Paradise, chief sales officer and senior vice president at Mossy Oak. “I am especially honored and humbled to share some of those experiences and ‘family firsts,’ as they say, through the eyes and words of my very own family. With our new series, ‘Family Tree,’ we are able to do just that and do what we do best, which is living our best life outdoors!”

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Jun 15, 2017



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